Serological Rapid Test

Serological test detection of antibodies generated by our body when SARS-Cov-2 presence

  • Capillary blood sample obtained by finger puncture.
  • Results in 1h*.
  • Test to know if you have the disease or if you already overcame it.

Test rápido serológico

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Serological rapid test enables to detect SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19) antibodies presence with a blood sample obtained by finger puncture.

Select the center and day to perform the serological rapid test. Then complete the registration and finally make the payment of the test.


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Online results in less than 3h*

* Normally you will receive the results in less than 1h.

What is it the serological test?

Sample collection is performed through not painful finger puncture with a needle by qualified healthcare staff. This blood sample is analysed immediately.

Some minutes after the test performance you will receive an email with the result in which it indicates IgM antibodies presence (you have now the disease) and IgG (you already overcame the disease).

What are IgM and IgG antibodies?

IgM is the first antibody produced when there is an infection, considered a marker of the acute stage of the disease.

IgG are produced later, maybe also present on the acute stage of the infection. IgG remain circulating on the blood, to protect the person against future infections.

IgM antibody can be detected approximately from the 7th day after the infection. Generally, the body produce IgG persisten antibodies from the 14th day since the infection.

Presence and detection of these antibodies in our body through a rapid test enables us to know if we are on the acute stage of the disease or in the late one, or if we already overcame it.

Resultados del test rápido covid19

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